Thank you!

Hello! We are Jemic and Vivian. When you are able to see this page, and that means you are able to scan the QR code from our “Thank you card”! This mean something to us!

We enjoy the good friendship with you, and it was so nice knowing you and your family. We all wish we will have wonderful and health life. Once again, thank you for everything you bought to us.

Best wishes,

Jemic & Vivian

Our family

We have a lovely family. The husband and wife with two children. Vivian, my wife, who has been married to me since 1998. Celine, my elder daughter is going to graduate from Berklee Music College in May, 2023 . Irene is my younger daughter , who is studying in UC Berkeley in Class 2026.

We are a happy family!

Taken Aug. 7, 2022


When I was very small, around age of 3. I had lived, ate, and slept in the Liyang factory. I can say I growing in bicycle industrial. After I graduated from college in US 1993, then I start to work hard in Liyang Sales team till today.


I love to ride bike, and enjoying nature! However, sleeping is the most enjoyment that wasting no money for best activity.


I love photography! All photos were taken by myself for the following links. I took a lot of photos, and I learned this skill since I was 15 years old.

Here are some links that Jemic would love to share with you: